FarvalogoFarval lda is a company producer of Faience, established in 1985, situated in Valado dos Frades, near Alcobaça, characteristically known for it’s tradition in Faience.

Since 1985 Farval, Lda produces hand painted Faience for decorative and utilitarian use.

The Know-how acquired along the years permits a fine presentation of quality in aliance with the beauty and the originality of our decorators.

In 1985, Farval, Lda started with a team of 8 workers. Today has 35 employees, of which 50 % are specialized in hand painted faiance.

The experience and knowledge of our painters at Farval, Lda since it’s foundation are transmitted to the new painters in order to maintain the quality of the decorations “Farval”.

In our design department we create the various shapes and decorations in accordance with the tendencies demanded by the markets and specially to our client’s tastes and desires.

Farval, Lda exports 95% of its production, of which 75% go to Europe and 25% to the USA.

We are proud of the good relationship we maintain with our clientes, a resulto f the continuous effort in accomplishing with what is demanded by them in the various levels where it concerns the quality of the product, packaging and delivery time.