Our Story


Handmade Ceramics

We are a portuguese company, founded in 1985, that has been creating manually painted functional and decorative ceramics in faience for over 35 years. The know-how we have acquired over the years allows us to deliver high-quality ceramics that combine tradition with innovation and emphasize the design of our products.

We value the artisanal production processes, where each piece is modeled, cleaned of imperfections, decorated and painted with the dedication, talent and experience of our employees, making each piece unique and exclusive.

Since the foundation of the company, we have grown progressively and established many partnerships in several markets around the world. Today, we have presence in countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Australia.

What guides us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create quality ceramic products that combine efficient techniques and timeless designs. We have a serious commitment and make constant efforts towards the reduction of our ecological footprint. We value partnerships with our customers in the execution of projects according to their needs.

Our Vision

We aim to grow in a constant and sustainable way and to reach new markets while presenting a product of superior quality and design, where the modern meets the traditional.

Our Values

We invest daily in an organization that is aligned with the principles of honesty and ethics that we have towards our employees, always promoting team spirit and the well-being of our community.

artisanal process

unique pieces